Sheet metal

The presses with 70 to 2000 ton power produce all the necessary plated sheets and work both on ribbons and sheared metal. Currently operating in the department:
  • Mechanical presses from 70 Ton. Swan-neck with pneumatic blank holder;
  • Mechanical press of 100 Ton. Swan-neck;
  • Mechanical press of 160 Ton. Swan-neck with pneumatic blank holder and slaved tape;
  • Hydraulic press 200Ton. Swan-neck with hydraulic blank holder from 150ton;
  • Hydraulic press from 250ton. Swan-neck;
  • Mechanical press from 2000Ton. with double column and pneumatic blank holder.
The molds and equipment classified and managed within modular racks that allow rapid and safe withdrawal. The processing and control cycles define the correct sequences for the obtaining of the required details, showing the molds, the machines and the controls to performed.