Air suspension


Commercial vehicles are increasingly using the air suspension. The use of air springs for the suspension of heavy vehicles is a modern conquest and represents an evolution achieved thanks to new technologies. The advantages of air suspension are varied. In response to a variation of pressure in the bellows automatically performed, depending on the load conditions, the vehicles I leveled in the middle, so maintaining the same height between the roadway and the vehicle bodywork. The stability of the steering, transmission and inertia forces that come into play during braking phases greatly improved, because all the wheels are always in permanent contact with the roadway. Besides the delicate goods can be transported more safely. Even the adjustment of the headlights remains always constant. The air springs offer considerable advantages:
  • Decrease the weight of the vehicle
  • Guarantee Constant Static height
  • Improve the comfort of travel
  • Allow you to correct the attitude of the vehicle
  • Require no maintenance
  • Do not cause noise because they have sliding metal parts
  • Increase the life of the vehicle as it decreases the stress of the suspended structures.